1st of May: A Tribute

1st of May every month; almost all the country in the world celebrated Labour Day.

no no..not labur day..

not this either,la labu oi..

...and neither this laburr..iskkk~~(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

On this labour day, it's a good time to reflect on the labour of those who bring to life all the great roadside attractions we so dearly celebrate.

on this day, we celebrate




(*mungkin dialog sebenar)


(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

and also she;

(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

There is no denying the importance of labour to the politics, development and economy of a country. I think that too often we might overlook the fact that behind all that glowing neon, gleaming stainless, colorful porcelain enamels, real people live and work to make it happen. Many of them sacrifice a great deal in service to these businesses, working long hours for relatively little pay, and enduring the fickle forces of the economy, ornery customers, and unpredictable political winds. Indeed, let's all try to stay mindful that diners, amusement parks, and most other roadside attractions are private businesses with owners who can only make them happen if they keep a close eye on their bottom lines.

But its a pity sometimes they use the wrong source of workers to maximize the workforce or to cut the budget for salary. they would use child labour

(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

err i mean not this child labour.

but this :(

this :(

this :(

..and also this :(

what a sad sad world. why..?this is because of poverty, the greediness to achieve something by manipulating their poverty and also the parent force them.
Stop these madness.....

well back to our objective for today, hope that all the workers out there could give their best performance for their work although sometimes they would

stress of their mountaining works;
(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

or sometimes get a dry dryer treatment from their superior;
(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

so just calm and relax as you are working at the beach;
(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

err but please don't be too relax;
(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

So, anything that you do, do give your smile;
(*mungkin dialog sebenar)

and you will work in harmony and happily heheh..

HAPPY LABOUR DAY for all bloggers out there....

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owh aku ingin mengucapkan jutaan tahniah kepada kawan seMRSM aku dolok wan mokhsen sebab nya dah berjaya menunangi gadis pilihan nya hari tok. majlis diadakan rah Johor Baru. sorry la mokhsen aku sekda sumber kewangan cukup k ngagak kau huhu. sekpa2 klak kawin kau aku agak la heheh..

penambahan: kepada rakan-rakan ku nok dah kerja ya rajin2 la takorang spon aku makan hehe..kasihanilah aku sebagai student tok heheh..


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Shitsurei shimashita said...

revolusi buruh membawa kepada revolusi industri.....
selamat berkerja pada waktu cuti2 nie..hehehehe
kerja apa? studylah dan tido :)

[[h]]einsen said...

hehe..kerja yg x bergaji..

SRISUFI said...

Salam bro...welcome....welcome..

rah siney tok? sarawak kah?

[[h]]einsen said...

hehe..x eh..kmk rah melaka, study ctok..heheh..