Jangan Bunuh Bunga!

on one fine saturday

kering kering! *sound of a ringing telephone*

IneSEN: *yawning*

*titt* answer button pressed

sen: hello hello hello, coffee and milo

mayor: hey, is that you?

sen: yes, i am me. who am i?

mayor: you are mee kolok. your name is ineSEN you ngek!

sen: ahh..rite. thougt that i'm gerard butler.
so who is this calling me at this blindly nite

mayor: blindly nite your head. it's almost midday.

sen: owh, no wonder that my tummy is singing.

mayor: this is the mayor of DBKU. i'm asking you for a favor.

sen: what that i can serve u sir?

mayor: we have a situation.

sen: please proceed sir, i'm here bathing while hearing your blablabla.

mayor: are you naked?

sen: hell no. i'm wearing boxer's rite now, and why on earth you asking that question?

mayor: err actually i'm asking on behalf of my lovely secretary.

sen: owh..izit? *blushing*. send her my regards. after that try to ask her if she is free next weekend.

mayor: errr ok. you know that the the new Sarawak Dewan Undangan Negeri complex will open soon.

the new Sarawak Dewan Undangan Negeri complex

sen: yess *brushing teeth brush brush brush*

mayor: ..and many of our nation top rulers will be visiting here, in kuching.

sen: *gargle gargle ptuuuihhh!* you mean queen elizabeth? king of saudi arabia? burger king, sushi king?

mayor: no, no and no. i said, OUR NATION, our country, malaysia. malaysian's ayegowng, the state kings, the gavenors. they have a meeting here in kuching, at the same time the grand opening of the state complex.

sen: owh. rite. so what you want me to do?

mayor: most of this ruler had this one problem. they allergic to pollen, flower pollen. (pollen-debunga)

sen: whoaa. that's big problem man. there are a thousands of flowers scattered all over kuching. i know that planting flowers to beautify this city were not such a good idea. flowers are a mean creature, they eat lizards and geckos.

mayor: so that's why i need your expertize to seek and destroy all the flowers in this city.

sen: you mean, now?

mayor: yes, now. our CM had generously lend his private jet to transport you from melaka to kuching, but on one condition.

sen: on what condition?

mayor: he want you to get him a 2 dozen cracks of malaccan cencaluks.

sen: why on earth he want that much of cencies?

mayor: for family business i suppose.

malaccan cencies (cearncawrloques)

sen: oww. so what will i get after signing into this assignment.

mayor: you will get 5 years of unlimited supplies of kaybain's (keben) crackers

sen: i want for 10 years

mayor: ok, deal. the jet will be arrive shortly.

sen: ok. i will prepare my team.

upon our arrival to the city, our team, the seek and destroy project munger waste no time but have to act fast. this is a matter of national security. the kings lifes is in our hands.

me and my team, combining with the MBKS team, had try our best to destroy all existing flowers. we went to the critical area that known to be visited by these malaysia rulers in kuching such as the airport, the waterfront, choice supermall, the spring, swee kang and rokking centre near electra house. the team at simanggang also on stand by just in case if all the kings want to visit there too, most notablely to felicia f. ramzi's house.

flower-killing spree, one of the crew doing her job

during our destroying mission, some of the facebook and blog superheroes such as garbarn, towyowl best, ultraman macho and leech witchdoctor plkn try to stop us from killing all the flowers. in the end, these superheroes lost in their battle, killed by the flowers-killing spray.

all the fallen heroes that try to protect the evil flowers, but sadly all of them were lost, fallen from grace.

then the team reaches our final destroying venue, the DUN Complex

spotted, Lady Bunga, singing cheerfully "hatiku berbunga bunga.. :D", unaware of the arrivals of team seek and destroy project munger. (read as in Gossip Girl style)

sen: psssstzz! pssssstzz! spray munga lok..

Lady Bunga: jangannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn soh bunga ya layukkk...aaaaaaaaa...gaban!! otomenn!!!!! tolonggg...ada
raksasa mok munoh bungaaaaaaa...

sen: arahan DBKU tok...psssstzz! pssssstzz!

Lady Bunga: oh tidakk..jangan jangan..kasihani lah bungaa.. :(

sen: report dgn datuk bandar DBKU..psssstzz! pssssstzz!

Lady Bunga: datuk bandar gik gago ngan mrr..sikpat mok repot ngannya gaban tok owhh...makin berleluasa raksasa tokk..huhu..

sen: la..kmk pkr nya gik gago dgn "Juh Kamboh"

Lady Bunga: kali juak owhh..adoh, sapa gik yang dapat tolong tok owhh..OTOMEN!

sen: owh..sekpa lah..ktk carik lok sapa2..kmk nyambong nyepray lok..psssstzz! pssssstzz!

Lady Bunga: aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....brenti spray owhhh..spray aek baguss..............

sen: owh..alang2 mok ngabis racun tok..psssstzz! pssssstzz!

Lady Bunga: aieeeeeeeeeee..boh di abiss..nak klak tak sikda spray agikk..haaaaa..

sen: tok jak munga plg last kmk mok spray bah..munga2 yg lain dah pupus di kch..psssstzz! pssssstzz!

Lady Bunga: belom pupus gik lahh..ada rah dun sinun..hehehe..

sen: baruk jak abis dispray kmk..dah menteri xmok ada munga rah area DUN..

Lady Bunga: maok lahhhhhhhhhh...skati jak kitak sikmok uhh..bunga ada di mana mana.. :p

Lady Bunga then sings in her heart "hati sudah tidak berbunga lagi :("

sen: dah abis racun dah..kepak eh..

Lady Bunga: aaaaaaaaaa..tok suma salah kitakk..:'(

sen: dah2..boh nangis2..minum aek munga tok..tok jak yang ada kaitan dgn munga nok tggl..

then came Fieza Zaza, as cameo in this story..

Fieza Zaza: sapa molah hal tok?padah ngan kmk! ;P

Lady Bunga: sikmokkkkk..mek mok bunga bunga idup agik..pegi carik baja nunn... :( kak fieza, sen yaaaa.. adakah nya spray bungaaaaa... anok nya kak..huhu..

fieza zaza couldn't help ladybunga as she's also killed by the spray.

spraying the last piece of flower

so the assignment were accomplished. the kings were save. the opening ceremoy for the state DUN complex were fantastic, free from the trouble that might cause by the flowers.

as me and my team, we now having our time with a tons of kaybains crackers supplies.


  • the conversation between sen and Lady Bunga is actually were the real conversation in facebook, under Lady Bunga's status' "hatiku berbunga bunga.. :D" and "hati sudah tidak berbunga lagi :("
  • no flowers, kings, superheroes, ABCs, and kaybain's crackers were harm during the making of the story.

that's all poks~

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Anonymous said...

best ceta u pok...leh mukak komik u tok..

Anonymous said...

best ceta u pok...leh mukak komik u tok..

eMBuN_mALaM said...

ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa... kmk tetak ajak... kmk xmok komen pjg2 sbb xmok jd nxt victim... ahakzzzzz... lucu Sen... adoh... ahakzzzzzzzz... muahahahahaaaaaaaaa... saya ketawa beshaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr... *taktik melarikan dirik...*

Enjen Jait said...

kreatif.. hehe..jgn munoh nya..nya sik bersalah :p

AmirFX said...

hahahaa.... Yahhh, ada juak apprentice si odio duhal... Sik lamak gik dpt pangkat Raja Pengimpose... haha... Gud work bro... Bunga sekpa ko spray jgn Munga Katie... Sekda urg k pak lam facebook kelak.... haha... Chaiyokkk2!!

Willie said...

Ceh...lawak nar juak dialog ya. Bunga alu jadi bunga raflesia. Ku lom gik fly pergi melaka ngan private jet Cm koh. Kawu udah? hahaha

Rudy said...

oh my goatttt and lamb and chicken... that cearncawrloques looks that kaybains crackers also maaa

Ivy Metaga said...

hehehehe..mmg kreatif ktk adohaiii...

thumbs up up up!!!!

farid said...

"sen: *gargle gargle ptuuuihhh!* you mean queen elizabeth? king of saudi arabia? burger king, sushi king?"

haaiiihhhh sikot gik ... King KONG!


SEN said...


makseh2..klak ada masa polah komik heheh..

SEN said...


hahahaha..aok..try la larik..hehehe (tetak org jaik)

SEN said...

@Enjen Jait


SEN said...


haha..xda la sampe jadi apperentice..btw there is only one audio..heheh..sik mampu aku jadi sehebat ya..

haha..bunoh jak, nya nak kah dapat tumboh baru heheh..

SEN said...


blom gik will..nya sik berik, takut scratch padah nya..

SEN said...


mun kita try makan roti keben dgn cencaluk apa jadi owh..?heheh

SEN said...

@Ivy Metaga

thanks ivy! :D

SEN said...


king kong sekpat mok di mention, nya agik gago nekik klcc nun

Ms Tikot said...

Roti keben ya celup ngan kopi panas. Best ada jak...

bunga said...

tunggu kitak! kamek nunggah sidak kaum bunga mek sumaaa..................

SEN said...

@Ms Tikot

best2..agik2 time hujan

dukunlintah plk said...

cett.. nang mintak berik penangan patokan silat itit nyetok.. FYI gambar ya n pose itit ya copyright protectet so harus berbayar.. sekilo roti keben jadi lah.. btw sen.. tok saja mok cerita ngan kau.. tengahari tdk ku nganyang buah dabei.. nyamnyamnyam..

SEN said...


kmk sik takut..kmk ada spray tok..aaaa..
psssstzz! pssssstzz!

SEN said...

@dukunlintah plk

haha..berani kau mok matok aku..aku ada spray tok..psssstzz! pssssstzz!

arrgghh..tidak2! *buah dabei terngiang-ngiang dlm palak utak ku*

fatin dalia said...

hehe...smpe berbunuh..kejam na juak.. :p

farid said...


bulak kitak sen, sekda nya nekik klcc, klcc neyda bunga k bunoh ... sukatimesen jak kitak tok ... wakakakaa

SEN said...

@fatin dalia

ceriter jer fatin dahlier oi..heheh..

SEN said...


aieeheeyy..bkn nya nekik k munoh munga..nya nekik ya k eksesais jak..dah lamak nya sik nekik bengunan bah..

Kelebar Malam said...

kah..kah..kah...lawak..lawak...nang ada ktk tok...mun lah benar ktk coba nok ngancor tpt2 ya...nang apa lah...heeee...creative imagination...

SEN said...

@Kelebar Malam

ilham ya datang spontan dari kehidupan seharian serta isu-isu semasa..dan kakya coba diterjemahkan ke dalam bentuk penceritaan tersendiri..heheh..klak try polah ceta2 yg serius gik heheh..

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

tok bok benar ngenjennnn! hahaha

SEN said...

@Felicia F. Ramzi

prenggggg!!ngengggggg!! heheh..

fatin dalia said...

kmk nak ngenjen di sitok boleh? :p

SEN said...

@fatin dalia

ngenjen jek cyer..xder org mlareng heheh..